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Ballot-Flurin : Biodynamic French Honey {Luzerne & Meadow Flowers} 480 gram

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Biodynamic French Honey

Soft & creamy summer honey from the beautiful meadows of France. The bees fly in an unpolluted area on alfalfa & other wild meadow flowers. This honey is obtained by gentle beekeeping methods, with respect for the bees and is biodynamic, the best quality you can find. It's gentle flowery taste is a delight and especially children will love it! 

* Suitable for children over 1 year old


more then organic, biodynamic

Ballot-Flurin takes solar, lunar and cosmic cycles into account in the management of the hives and in deciding when exactly the beekeeper will perform their harvest. This respects the natural laws of the world and universe, allowing them to truly act harmoniously with their bees. This beautiful quality reflects in their honey & other products and makes them truly something special.



~ Soft harvesting method, without stress on the bees.

~ Harvest according to cosmic & natural rhythms

~ Harvest without chemical repellant

~ Bees are not treated with antibiotics, but only plant remedies or homeopathy

~ Honey is not pasturized over 35°C degrees (which is the natural temperature of the hive)

~ Honey goes through long & slow maceration process by hand to keep the original taste.