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Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio : SHOWER GEL ULTRADELICATO

€ 16.00


Silky, super moisturizing body wash that transforms your shower into a 5* spa experience for you & your children ! 

Very gentle cleanser with a gorgeous scent that gives softness to the skin and an ultimate sensation of relaxation to the mind. Skin compatible formula based on mild, non-aggressive, plant-derived surfactants, with hypoallergenic fragrance.


Ideal for frequent washing and for children

Allergen free

Dermatologically tested

No chemical surfactants


Made in Italy.


Content: 200 ml

~ U s a g e ~

Apply to a wet sponge or damp hands, massaging into the skin to cleanse & moisturize . Once cleansed, rinse and enjoy! 




~ A  R e n n a i s a n c e  T r a d i t i o n  f r o m  F l o r e n c e ~


All products by Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio embody an amazing tradition from Florence, Italy,  that has been passed on for generations. Their precious scents, care products and herbal remedies are all handcrafted in small batches and 100% natural.

The products are formulated by Dr.Massimo, a Florentine Pharmacist who studied phytotherapy and is inspired by the manuscript of Caterina Sforza De Medici where the Florentine Perfumery Art originated in the late 15th century, making Florence the world’s  perfume capital during the Renaissance. These wonderful products are based on highly concentrated plant-based active ingredients,  free of toxins, and dermatologically tested at the University of Ferrara Cosmetology Center.