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Saar Soleares Madera de Naranja Organic Body Mist: natural hydrating body spray

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Madera de Naranja Organic Body Mist: natural hydrating body spray


C I T R U S  W O O D  ~  g e t  c o z y !

This amazing body spray combines rustic and woody tones with fresh citrus to make you feel homy and comfortable. Wood scents have been used for centuries in Himalayan and Indian temples during sacred ceremonies. Gives warmth & comfort to the soul during turbulent times and promotes inner strength. Nourishes the skin.



Protects highly sensitive people from negative energies or too many impressions. Uplifting & strengthening. A great scent for meditation or to focus the mind.


skin hydration

This body mist locks moisture into the skin, thereby smoothing, softening and soothing the complexion. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, as our body mists contain high moisturizing content and are alcohol free!



Spray generously over your body after a shower or bath to use as a body mist or light perfume. As a home refresher: spray into the air, on linens or pillow (30 cm distance). Can be used to refresh, accentuate mood, balance energy, use in meditation & purify a space. 



Aqua (purified water), *Proprietary blend of pure essential oils, Glycerin (vegetable), Lactobacillus Ferment.

*= Certified Organic


100 ml spray bottle



Avoid direct sun exposure after usage. Contains Citrus Oils that may increase sun sensitivity.




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